Adrenal Alternatives is closed to the public as we recover from the impact of Hurricane Ian

Due to Hurricane Ian, we are unable to run at full capacity. We are still offering online resources such as our books, Adrenal Insufficiency 101 and Cortisol Pump 101, as well as our free downloadable materials. Please be patient as we recover from Hurricane Ian and are preparing to reopen at full capacity in 2024.

We are continuously updating our website to provide online resources to the Cortisol Deficient community.

Ways to Support Us

If you’d like to support us as we work to reopen, here are a few ways listed below!

  • Take our survey!

We are asking all adrenal patients to take our short, confidential survey to help us collect data that shows the reality of life with cortisol deficiency. This data will allow us to create advancements in adrenal disease care and help educate medical professionals on the importance of proper cortisol care.

The more adrenal patients we survey, the more accurate the data will be so please share with your adrenal insufficient friends and advocacy groups.

  • Purchase Adrenal Awareness Merch!

AAF’s online store offers fun awareness items such as shirts, hoodies, bags, coffee mugs, thermos tumblers and more! 100% of proceeds goes to adrenal alternative’s patient programs.

  • Purchase and review our books!

Adrenal Insufficiency 101 – A Patient’s Guide to Managing Adrenal Insufficiency

Cortisol Pumping Guide – A Patient’s Guide to the Cortisol Pumping Method

  • Donate!

Text the word GIVE to 833-807-5813 Or donate at

  • Share, like and comment on our content on social media!

We exist to provide advocacy and access for all cortisol care, so the more people that know about us, the more people we can help.